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StatLab Medical Products LLC

StatLab Launches Immunohistochemistry Portfolio

McKinney, TX, U.S.A., August 28, 2015. StatLab Medical Products (“StatLab”), the leading manufacturer, developer, and distributor of cost-effective histology and cytology consumable supplies, is pleased to announce the launch of a new portfolio of IVD Immunohistochemistry (“IHC”) reagents. Our IHC menu includes a carefully selected range of pre-dilute antibodies, best in class polymer detection, and ancillary reagents.

Stated Mark Rees, Vice President of Advanced Diagnostics, “For many years StatLab customers have been asking us to supply them with immunohistochemistry reagents. I am proud to have been given this opportunity to help our team assemble a portfolio of high quality IHC products. At StatLab we believe that innovation and quality are key to advancing the level of diagnostic accuracy. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with reliable, high quality, cost effective IHC reagents complimented with novel technologies to improve IHC standardization.”

About StatLab. Founded in 1976, StatLab is the leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of cost-effective histology, cytology and immunohistochemistry consumable supplies. StatLab offers 2,500 of the most commonly purchased consumable supplies used by independent and hospital-based anatomic pathology laboratories. Over 3,000 laboratories across the country rely on StatLab to satisfy their consumable supply requirements.