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Stanbio β-Hydroxybutyrate Assay Available for Siemens Dimension Vista® 1500 Chemistry Analyzer

BOERNE, TX – October 8, 2010 – Stanbio Laboratory, L.P., a leader in medical testing and diagnostic devices, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a user defined application on the Siemens Dimension Vista® 1500 for their ß-Hydroxybutyrate assay.

The assay is used for the determination of ß-hydroxybutyrate (blood ketone) in serum and plasma specimens. The measurement of ß-hydroxybutyrate is essential for the identification of complications of diabetes mellitus. During periods of metabolic acidosis the concentration of ketone bodies increases in blood and urine due to the lack of sufficient glucose in the cells. The major ketone body ß-hydroxybutyrate (~ 75 %) is not detectable with test strips commonly used for the detection of ketone bodies in urine. The Stanbio test is specific for ß-hydroxybutyrate, the predominant ketone body. It is not affected by interfering substances and shows a high linearity.

The reagent set requires no reagent preparation and is designed to be used in Reagent-Start (R1/R2) systems. The liquid, ready-to-use reagents are stable until their labeled expiration dates when stored at 2-8°C.

In the Stanbio Laboratory method, ß-Hydroxybutyrate in the presence of NAD is converted to acetoacetate and NADH at pH 8.5 by ß-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase. At this pH, the reaction is favored to the right. The NADH produced reacts with INT in the presence of diaphorase to produce a color and is read at 505 nm.

The Stanbio ß-Hydroxybutyrate LiquiColor® Reagent Set is available as a set – R1: 1 x 50mL, R2: 1 x 8.5mL – and includes a 1.0 mmol/L standard. Controls and linearity material are available separately.

Founded in 1960 and headquartered in Boerne, Texas, Stanbio manufactures and markets medical testing and diagnostic devices including clinical chemistry, pregnancy, strep A, serology, urinalysis, and point-of-care blood hemoglobin tests. Stanbio Laboratory’s Quality System is ISO 13485 registered and its facility operates under the USFDA current GMP requirements. Stanbio also offers OEM and private labeling capabilities and distributes products in over 125 countries worldwide. This year the company celebrates its 50th year in business. To find out more about Stanbio, review its news, or learn more about its products, visit

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