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Stadiometers seca 217 and seca 213 – Ideal Solutions for Mobile Use

The two stadiometers seca 217 and seca 213 in a basic configuration serve as ideal tools when measuring body height in the scope of conventional medical exams and research programmes as well as for providing nutritional advice.The new height measuring devices from seca gmbh & co. kg. Hamburg/Germany, can be quickly setup and taken down providing for flexible and rapid application.

The stadiometers are supported solely by a floor plate. No wall fastening is necessary. A wall distance piece with the seca 217 provides added stability.
Setting the measuring slide for a body height of up to 205 centimetres is easy thanks to the high head piece of both stadiometers. The scale is rendered in easy-to-read print on the sides of the measuring rod.
The seca 217 can be connected with the electronic flat scales 876 (uncalibrated) and seca 877 (calibrated class III) via an adapter to form a complete measuring and weighing station.
The individual elements of the dismantled stadiometer seca 217 can be transported with ease in a stable bag.
With the seca 213, the measuring rod disassembled into four sections is connected to the head piece at the bottom of the ground plate providing for easy transport, even without a carrying bag.