Shippert Medical Technologies Corp.

Stabilize Bones, Reduce Edema, and Protect your Surgical Results

The new 60 second Denver Splint “Smart Splint” Series 5000 is an adhesive nasal splint used in the stabilization of the nose after rhinoplasty, and for the reduction of edema after nasal surgery or trauma.
The new unique feature of the series 5000 is the built-in polymer dorsal pad to reduce dead space, skin wrinkling, and the possibility of polybeak.
The moldable, yet firm aluminium retains the nasal bones in position and the Velcro layers give cushioned pressure on subcutaneous tissue, reducing edema. The Velcro layers also increase air circulation and ventilation to the skin, allowing the splint to stay on for 7-10 days.
The Denver Splint “Smart Splint” Series 5000 is inconspicuous, water resistant and takes only 60 seconds to apply.
Denver Splints come packaged in kits with all the necessary components for application.
Denver Splints are also available in designer colors for the fashion-conscious patient.

Further information from:
Angela Mediger

Marketing and Graphic Design Manager