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Sports and cancer: no panacea, but a necessary aid

When are sports healthy, how often should you engage in sports and what effect do sports have on the body – over the past few decades, there were always different answers to these questions. Many studies that were conducted in the past however confirm the assumption that sports and exercise always support health, even if someone is already sick.


Photo: Two senior citizens do pushups at a forest glade; Copyright: Trautmann

Exercise does not just benefit the body, but also the soul. Whether you are healthy or sick - what is important is an exchange with others and the feeling of having achieved something you didn’t dare to physically do before. All this is important for people; © Arne Trautmann

Photo: Two women at the gym doing an abdominal exercise; Copyright: Guyon

60 percent of cancer patients today can be cured; the remaining 40 percent often still live for many years. People with chronic cancer also benefit from oncological exercise therapy; © Jean-Marie Guyon

Photo: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann