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Spengler S.a.s.

Spengler, Approved Training Body

Spengler, approved training body no. 24 36 00862 36

Train your teams, gain well-informed ideas about our products, support your activities towards professionals: Spengler, a diagnostic specialist since 1907, is an approved training body.

The "Discover aromatherapy" training provided by a team of professional naturopaths and aromatologists covers the use of essential oils for health and well-being through the GREEN FOR HEALTH range. A day dedicated to health professionals who wish to provide patients with a range of natural and organic health products that supplement existing services.
GREEN FOR HEALTH explores the understanding of aromatic molecules with a natural prevention objective, and in-depth revitalisation and re-balancing of disturbed organic systems.

The technical training in SPENGLER products is aimed at all clients wishing to improve their knowledge of Spengler products and gain well-informed ideas about products and technologies.
Maintenance, operations, sales, ranges, everything is covered in this day so that it is beneficial and constructive and provides you with additional tools to better sell our products.