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Speech connects people

AC Voca now offers voice-controlled call routing for healthcare facilities in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets
Frankfurt, 24 October 2017.

Hospitals receive hundreds of calls every day – large hospitals may even receive thousands. This can make it difficult to get in touch with a specific clinic or person by phone. Callers frequently find themselves in a queue before they are finally connected by a central switchboard operator – or they have to navigate a maze of keypad entries in response to voice prompts. This is annoying for the caller, takes up the hospital’s valuable human resources, and does not offer a high standard of service quality.
With AC Voca, this process is much faster, easier and more efficient for both parties. Thanks to the voice recognition technology by AudioCodes subsidiary AC Voca, multiple callers can use voice input simultaneously to be connected to the departments or people they are trying to reach. Erik Heirman, Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at AC Voca, explains how it works: ‘The patients simply call the central number, say the name of the department they are trying to reach, and are then connected automatically.’ The VocaONE solution for incoming calls not only significantly reduces wait times, it also improves the caller’s experience and saves money which would otherwise be spent on switchboard staff taking the calls.

Up to 80% cost savings
‘VocaONE delivers cost savings of up to 80% compared to conventional telecommunications solutions. We are very proud to have achieved a recognition rate of over 90% during the first few weeks after installation alone,’ says Heirman. These figures demonstrate the benefits of AC Voca’s solution, which is strictly data protection-compliant. This is backed up by the recent positive evaluations from a German university hospital as well as from Ratiopharm/TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries.

Reaching colleagues using voice recognition
AC Voca not only directs incoming calls, but internal calls as well. ‘The process is the same: with VocaNOM, the caller simply has to say the name of the colleague they want to reach, and they are then connected to them directly,’ explains Heirman. Searching for contact information can be time-consuming, which is why effective communication is important, and a major advantage in the daily hustle and bustle of a hospital. ‘AC Voca greatly improves the call experience for patients, while still making use of the existing telecommunications infrastructure. Switching to the solution is easy and cost-effective; the savings make up for the installation costs within the first year,’ the sales manager explains.

In Israel, AudioCodes’ domestic market, AC Voca has already been in use for ten years, and 80% of public hospitals now use the solution. Other customers include prestigious educational institutions, such as the University of Tel Aviv and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Large corporations such as Ratiopharm/TEVA, Intel, Motorola, Ernst & Young, Nestle and Sodastream also place a premium on the time and cost savings offered by AC Voca.

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