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Thought Technology

Specialized Ergonomic Software Suite

Thought Technology, a leader in the world of biofeedback, introduces two new software Suites for use with their FlexComp Infiniti™, ProComp Infiniti™, and ProComp 2™ encoders. The DynaMap and Ergonomic Suites provide physical medicine specialists with powerful new tools. One now has the ability to integrate SEMG (both RMS, Raw, Median Frequency and Spectral Analysis) with other physiological signals. One can view SEMG bilaterally on 2,4,6,8, 10 or more traces. Co-contractions, inappropriate activation, and complete statistics can be viewed and reviewed in real time. A web camera can record the movements, along with goniometry and force, and all can be reviewed with a marker that synchronizes the muscle activity with the video, while simultaneously displaying statistics on screen. Evidence-based medicine has taken another important step.


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