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Specialist or general practitioner – the right solution for everyone

The product system seca 360° wireless, particularly the medical software seca analytics 105, aids early recognition of disease, assists the doctor in selecting courses of therapy and visualizes results for presentation to patients with weight-related disorders. Because weight-related diseases are increasing around the world, many doctors visit the seca stand every day to see how the seca 360° wireless system can be used in their practices or hospitals.

The usages are highly varied. For example, the "Development/Growth" modules in the software seca analytics 105 helps with long-term monitoring of body weight as part of treatment of obesity. Furthermore, the module "Energy" quickly and reliably calculates the patient's energy needs for a nutrition plan and the recommended energy consumption required to reach a weight goal or target BMI.

Cardiologists have a convenient assistant at hand in the module "Cardiometabolic Risk" for assistance with the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. On the basis of defined risk scores, the module also estimates the 10-year risk for coronary heart disease.

In general practice the software seca analytics 105 is a great help in screening tests of overall state of health. This health check service is increasingly requested of family doctors.

Pediatricians find suitable equipment in the wireless baby scale seca 376, the measurement station seca 285 and the medical PC software seca analytics 105 for reliable and convenient percentile-based monitoring of growth development and weight changes in children.