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Spark Wave Therapy - innovativbetic foot ulcerse therapy solution for dia

There are approximately 10 million people suffering from diabetes mellitus in Germany. Approximately 15% of them are diagnosed with diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) at least once in their life which results in about 50’000 amputations per annum and leads to a dramatic decline in patient’s quality of life as well as high costs for social systems.

With its Spark Wave therapy system dermagold100 MTS represents an innovative therapy solution with encouraging treatment results.

Researchers have shown that “[Spark waves have] a significant positive effect in accelerating chronic wound healing”, especially in chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

Spark Waves are thought to activate the natural healing mechanisms of the affected tissue, as they influence the production of various, partly tissue specific growth factors as well as the production of NO. The outcome of this is the generation of capillary blood vessels in affected areas; a bactericidal reaction has been observed, too. A combination of all factors considerably encourages the healing process and leads to complete wound healing.