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Spanish Group: One of the Five Main Suppliers of Biological Safety Cabinets Worldwide.

Telestar presents in MEDICA 2008 the latest novelities in laminar flow technology an biological safety cabinets.

Terrassa (Barcelona), 14 November 2008. Telstar, whose activity is centered on the design, fabrication and marketing of high technology equipment for laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, will participate in the international fair MEDICA displaying technological novelties directed at the life science market. MEDICA will be celebrated between the 19th and the 22nd November in Düsseldorf.

For hospitals, Telstar will be presenting the latest novelties in laminar flow technology, for operating rooms, through its trade names LMC Telstar in Germany and LUWA Telstar in Holland, both belonging to the TELSTAR group. The Spanish group is currently a market leader in the centre and north of Europe, in the design and installation of laminar flow operating rooms, with 30% share of the market. The laminar flow technology provides a substantial improvement to the environmental quality of the operating rooms. Consequently, with this technology the costs, incurred in post-operation infections caused by bacteria suspended in the air, can be reduced by an average of 3,600 Euros per patient.

In the laboratory market, TELSTAR is currently one of the five main suppliers of biological safety cabinets, worldwide. In Medica, Telstar presents LYOQUEST, the latest-generation laboratory freeze-dryer capable of making recipes with temperature and vacuum control. The device is the perfect solution for research and development laboratories due to its versatility and range of features.

For the first time, the Telstar catalogue includes a biological safety cubicle especially designed for preparing cytostatics that allows two people to work together simultaneously. The CYTOULTRA 6 cubicle has a patented sealed closing system that guarantees maximum safety. A digital display with a screen shows the main parameters of the cubicle and allows continuous monitoring of the filter status, optimising their operation.

Likewise, Telstar is presenting at Expoquimia the CLEAN AIR class III cubicle, a class III biological safety cabinet that guarantees maximum safety for the user, the product and the environment. This is a completely airtight cubicle in which the work area is kept at negative pressure, which is accessed using gloves. This cubicle is especially designed for working with biological products that have risk levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Telstar Life Science Solutions contributes to improving medical-hospital, pharmaceutical and general laboratory services by designing and manufacturing high-tech solutions for industries and services associated with the field of life sciences. For this reason, Telstar works actively in clean air technologies (Telstar Clean Air), sterilisation solutions (Telstar Celester), surgical equipment (Telstar Medical Components), biological containment technology (Telstar ACE) and equipment for freeze drying and vacuum drying; as well as loading and unloading systems (Telstar Lyo).

Telstar is well-known in the pharmaceutical industry market as a designer and manufacturer of cubicles and equipment for laboratories, and is a leading national and international figure in this market, with particularly strong positions in the North American, Asian and European markets. In addition to Spain, where it dominates the national market, it has an 80% market share in the Benelux market (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), making it one of the five main suppliers of biological safety cabinets in the entire world.

On the other hand, Telstar has entered the Spanish surgical equipment market with laminar flow technology for the hospital medical sector, a field where it is already the leader in Central and Northern Europe, with a 30% market share.

TELSTAR around the world

Founded in 1963, Telstar has diversified its business and experienced rapid growth, tripling its sales in the last seven years and reaching 100 million euros in the last financial year. Telstar has operations in over one hundred countries, with production plants in Spain, China, USA, UK, the Netherlands and Germany. As a global company, Telstar is present in the international market, and over 80% of its total sales take place outside the Spanish market. Based in Terrassa (Barcelona), Telstar currently has a professional team of 850 employees.

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Information on the presented products

•Biosafety cabinet Class II
•EN12469 certification
•Microprocessor control
•Continuous monitoring on filter clogging
•Motorised sliding window with power supply
•Leak tight front door patented system with inflatable seal

•EF/S is a class II biological safety cabinet providing the highest protection to operator, product and environment
•EF/S is EN 12469 certified by TÜV NORD (Germany)
•EF/S has a slope front window which guarantees an excellent ergonomic working position
•EF/S also available with:
oelectrical sliding window
oelectrical support frame

•Class III biosafety cabinet
•Supplied with pass through and gloves
•Negative pressure area

•Biosafety cabinet Class II
•EN12469 certification
•Microprocessor control
•Continuous monitoring on filter clogging
•Manually actuated sliding window
•Front window with seal

•Laboratory freeze dryer
•Capacity: 8 kg (6 kg in 24h)
•Condenser at -55ºC or -85ºC
•Precooling chamber
•Suitable for vials, row, flasks and ampoules