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Brown Medical Industries, Inc.

Sol Step™ Straps a Heel Cushion to the Ankle

You have no doubt heard the complaints of people using a heel cushion in their footwear. “It’s too difficult to remove and put in another shoe”; “It doesn’t stay where I put it”; “I cannot wear it with sandals or slippers”.

Brown Medical Industries, Inc., a U. S. company, invented a product that pads the heel, and features a convenient and comfortable strap around the ankle. The pad stays with the foot, not in the shoe. This also allows Sol Step to be used with sandals and slippers, which traditional heel pads cannot effectively do.

The therapeutic Sol Step heel pad reduces the shock of heel strike, especially effective for those who have a compromised fat pad in the heel.

Sol Step also allows for optional cold therapy to reduce swelling in the painful heel area.

And since it surrounds not only the heel, but the ankle, patients enjoy the benefit of compression, as well.

Brown Medical Industries designs, manufactures, and markets quality medical devices for patients worldwide. BMI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified, has the CE Marking on many products, and is growing rapidly in the global marketplace. The company is located in the Lakes Business Park in Spirit Lake, Iowa, U.S.A., and can be accessed at