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Soap and disinfectant dispenser, type Touchless

Clean hands stop infection

Hand disinfection is a vital measure at the moment to stop hospital infections and protect patients and hospital staff. Multi-resistant pathogens are a global problem. Systematic hand hygiene spread can reduce their spread.

Studies have shown that hands are being insufficiently disinfected in routine hospital proce-dures. Some findings reveal that hands are disinfected in only 1 out of 2 situations where it is required. But only systematic hand hygiene can protect patients and personnel against infec-tion.

Automated soap and disinfectant dispensers of the Touchless type developed by KLIN-ITEC, a brand from the ITEC GmbH company, offers excellent opportunities to enable optimal dis-pensing procedures. It is suitable for liquids, soaps and gels. The Touchless housing is made of 1.4301 stainless steel and has an easy-clean construction.

Contactless operation avoids cross-contamination to minimise the risk of infection. In com-parison to the widely used arm-lever dispensers or pocket disinfectants, the Touchless is significantly more hygienic. A special spray nozzle ensures the disinfectant has broad cover-age. The amount dispensed can be adjusted to four different levels.

The Touchless is battery powered and therefore easy to install at any location. A dispensing system can be selected to meet individual requirements and quickly installed. The four standard AA size batteries are simple to replace. Around 20,000 dispensing actions can be performed before batteries require replacing.

The Touchless can be equipped with either 0.5 l or 1.0 l tanks. The housing is lockable to pre-vent unauthorised access.

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