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Sling Encouraging faster Patient Recovery

A versatile sling which is capable of encouraging a faster patient recovery time is available from Salitas™.

Used in many hospitals - including Bradford Hospital NHS Trust - the ‘Bradford Sling®’ increases patient comfort and encourages a faster recovery. This is thanks to its foam construction reducing any risk to the patient’s pressure points and its velcro fastenings which allow easy access for woundcare and inspection.

The sling works by lifting the patient’s arm to a comfortable position and supporting it whilst the patient recovers from surgical procedures or burns. It is versatile as it is able to easily convert into a mobile sling; adjustable to allow both high and normal sling positions. The sling is disposable and single-use; enabling it to avoid cross contamination.

Originally designed for use on patients recovering from burns and plastic surgery; its

easy to use, lightweight design has made it a popular choice across a wider range of post-procedural end uses. These include applications in vascular treatment trauma/elective orthopaedics, accident and emergency, paediatrics, radiography, physiotherapy and general medicine.

Inventor of the Bradford Sling®; Professor David Sharpe, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Bradford Hospital, said: “The sling was invented after identifying a need for a versatile sling which could support the weight of a patient’s arm, be used when the patient is mobile and adjust to fit any size of arm.”

“When the Bradford City fire took place in the 1980s, we had 80 patients admitted; with the majority suffering hand burns. Thankfully we had the Bradford Slings there to use on these patients; helping us to deliver quality patient care.”