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Sleep through the night better with the Beurer expert "SleepLine" range

A restful night's sleep is just as important for your health as a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. Your sleep can be disturbed without you even realising it. Interrupted breathing, teeth grinding and snoring are often not noticed but can have a negative effect on day-to-day life. Despite having had plenty of sleep, those affected tend to feel tired and worn out. At MEDICA 2016, Beurer will be showcasing its expert "SleepLine" range – innovative products that help users have uninterrupted sleep.

Sleep through the night better with the Beurer expert "SleepLine" range
Beurer offers optimally coordinated products that help ensure a restful, peaceful night's sleep. The SE 80 SleepExpert sleep sensor, SL 70 snoring stopper, LB 37 air humidifier, LR 200 air purifier and HM 55 thermo hygrometer help to achieve this.

SE 80 SleepExpert sleep sensor
The SE 80 SleepExpert non-contact sleep sensor is placed under the mattress. It accurately records the heart rate, respiratory rate and movement. The sleep phases are then determined based on this information. All measured values are prepared and presented clearly in the Beurer SleepExpert app and supplemented with tips. Thanks to these evaluations, sleep analysis is no longer a subjective task. Sleep quality can be improved by making individual changes to parameters that affect sleep. In addition, the Fresh Wake function ensures that the user wakes up well-rested in the right sleep phase.

SL 70 snore stopper
As well as the indoor environment, noise is another factor that can interrupt sleep. Snoring is often a cause for disruption in this respect. It not only affects the sleep quality and health of the snorer, but also that of their partner. The SL 70 snore stopper provides gentle snoring therapy. It is fixed on the ear and adapts perfectly to the outer ear. Snoring is effectively interrupted or prevented from the start by means of tone and vibration pulses in the ear. This pulse intensity is adjustable. The device is Bluetooth®-enabled. The free Beurer SleepQuiet app enables precise snoring analysis.

LB 37 air humidifier
The LB 37 air humidifier impresses with its night mode, which ensures quiet operation without any bright lights. If the ambient air is too dry, then this can disturb sleep. Thanks to the LB 37 ultrasound humidification technology, the optimum humidity level can be achieved easily and quietly. The humidification output is max. 200 millilitres per hour and the tank size is 2 litres. It offers two-stage operation. The LB 37 is suitable for rooms measuring up to 20 square metres.

LR 200 air purifier
Good air quality helps to ensure uninterrupted sleep. The LR 200 air purifier with its three-layer filter system delivers a filter performance of up to 99.5 percent. Additional air purifying is possible thanks to the selectable ion function. Operation can be controlled in three stages. The LR 200 is suitable for rooms measuring up to 15 square metres. The device can be used during sleep without any difficulties thanks to the night mode, which ensures quiet operation along with a dimmed operating panel. A prefilter and combi filter (HEPA and activated carbon) are available as a replacement set.

HM 55 thermo hygrometer
The HM 55 thermo hygrometer can be used to analyse the optimum indoor environment for sleep. It displays the current time, temperature and relative humidity. The coloured indoor environment indicator also displays a quick classification of the ambient air quality. The reference values can be adjusted individually. The small, elegant shape of the HM 55 enables discreet monitoring of the indoor environment. The device is Bluetooth®-enabled and compatible with the Beurer FreshRoom app.

The importance of sleep
We spend around a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is therefore extremely important because it allows all our body functions to recover. Sleep problems can, for example, lead to high blood pressure, diabetes or depression. The Beurer expert "SleepLine" range provides a complete portfolio for healthy sleep and active days.

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