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SleepOne PRO PSV

Kare Medical Proudly Presents New Product: SleepOne ProPSV, non-invasive, pressure support and controlled ventilator, together with volume targeting.

Ankara, Turkey, 30 Sept. 2013 - Kare Medical announces release of SleepOne ProPSV, which provides versatile therapy with its modes including PSV, PCV, aPCV, adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) and volume assured pressure support (VAPS).

As the new generation of SleepOne Platform, ProPSV has improved specifications such as:

• "Volume targeting", which will increase pressure automatically if the patient needs additional pressure to reach the desired tidal volume

• Internal lithium-ion battery, providing approximately three hours of portable operation

• Both visual and audible alarms

• Wide and colorful LCD screen

• Real-time graphics on the device screen

• SD card on which the therapy data is recorded.

With all its modes and specifications above-cited, ProPSV is beneficial to wide range of patients suffering from diseases such as COPD, cental respiratory regulation disorders, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, restrictive respiratory disorders and neuromuscular disorders that affect respiratory.

"It is a requested product from the market" says Marco D'Itriof SYLCO SRL. "With the quality and cost effectiveness of SleepOne platform devices, I'm sure ProPSV will be successful in Italian market."

For more information, visit or stop by the Kare Medical booth at the Hole 11, E04 at the Medica 2013, beginning Wednesday, 20th Nov., running through Sunday, 24th Nov. to learn more about ProPSV or speak with a Kare Medical representative on site.