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Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs from Anetic Aid

Six-use Day Tourniquet cuffs

Anetic Aid is now offering a range of Six-use Day Tourniquet Cuffs.
They are an ideal alternative to re-usable cuffs, and while they are guaranteed for six uses, they are cost-effective enough to dispose of as a single use item.
Explained International Sales Manager Mike Pritchett: ‘Disposable tourniquet cuffs have a lot of advantages – their use reduces the risk of cross infection and it also cuts down the time staff have to spend cleaning and checking them for re-use.’
As with previous cuffs, the new range is lightweight and latex free with secure fastenings that eliminate roll or twist. They have a slim, low profile design and are produced in eight colour-coded sizes:
• Paediatric
• Adult Arm – Narrow
• Adult Arm
• Small Leg – Narrow
• Small Leg
• Adult Leg
• XL Adult Leg
• Conical Adult Leg

State-of-the-art, electronic or pneumatic tourniquet systems are also part of the Anetic Aid range. The electronic version, the AET, offers touch-screen technology which is easy to use and keep clean as well as an independently operated single and dual channel facility and an integral power supply. Safety features include audible alarms at pre-set time intervals, or if pressure is being lost – although with the machine’s ability to detect and compensate for leaks, the latter is rarely an issue.
The AET is also programmed to run regular automatic self-test routines and to self calibrate – with both tests and results being recorded within the machine. There is also an integral patient data memory store, and given the tourniquet can be battery operated for up to eight working hours, it offers a new level of flexibility and mobility.
For more information about any Anetic Aid products, call +44 (0) 1943 878647, see our newly redesigned website at or visit us in Hall 14 where Anetic Aid is at Stand F12 together with its German distributor Nordiska (