AESKU.Diagnostics GmbH

Simply sensitive – new standards in the diagnosis of Coeliac Disease

The new AESKULISA® tTg ELISA kits show a unique composition: human recombinant tissue transglutaminase is cross-linked with gliadin-specific peptides resulting in the creation of neo-epitopes of tTg. The tests are highly specific as no cross-reactions with gliadin occur. Thus the AESKULISA tests are the only available tTg test to mimic the physiologically relevant tTg enzyme complex – offering impressive benefits:
- AESKULISA® tTg IgA sets new standards in sensitivity.
- AESKULISA® tTg IgG is indispensable in cases of celiac patients with selective IgA deficiency.

With FDA approval for the improved AESKULISA® tests for detection of tissue transglutaminase (tTg) antibodies, now this generation of tTg tests is also at hand for in vitro diagnostic use in the US.

The new AESKULISA® CeliCheck, which allows the combined quantitative determination of autoantibodies targeting neo-epitopes of tTg of both IgA and IgG isotype, is ideal for screening of risk groups and monitoring of celiac patients.