Sienna ULTIMATE - new hybrid LTM, Ambulatory EEG and PSG amplifier -- MEDICA Trade Fair


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Sienna ULTIMATE - new hybrid LTM, Ambulatory EEG and PSG amplifier


The SIENNA ULTIMATE from EMS Biomedical is the ULTIMATE solution for your LTM, AEEG and PSG applications, developed using latest AMPLIFIER technology.
The SIENNA ULTIMATE amplifier has 32/64 unipolar or bipolar channels, integrated Lithium-ion battery, 32 GByte Memory card, SaO2, HSPA+ and WIFI interface.
The unique Intercom feature allows direct communication from the patient to nurse station and nurse station to the patient in lab or in a home care environment. Real-time battery charge information is transferred to the nurse station allowing the operator to reduce consumption (switch off Wifi) or to advise the patient to recharge the Amplifier should battery charge get low.
EEG realtime display is available at the nurse station, even if the patient is outside the building (HSPA+).
The SIENNA ULTIMATE hybrid LTM and Ambulatory EEG Amplifier can be configured with headboxes for LTM, Sleep, CFM, 10/20 and 32/64 channels bipolar EMG for Sports Medicine easily, simply by replacing the headboxes.
The 150 gram lightweight amplifier has a patient alarm button as well as a body position sensor, which can transfer ‘fall over’ information to the nurse station.
The SIENNA ULTIMATE can be used for Ambulatory recording for up to 4 days.