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Siemens and DOCexpert: Joint commitment to the electronic health card

Siemens AG and DOCexpert Computer GmbH have agreed to work together to develop joint concepts for the upcoming rollout of the German electronic health card. As part of their strategic partnership, the two companies will offer an all-inclusive package that ensures secure a link of the DOCexpert medical practice software to the telematics infrastructure. In addition, Soarian Integrated Care, the electronic patient file developed by Siemens Medical Solutions, will be integrated in the DOCexpert Group’s health professional systems and solutions for medical care centers. This will enable convenient exchange of information on treatment, not only between medical practices, but also across sectors between doctors’ offices, clinics and facilities providing follow-up treatment.

The Communications and Medical Solutions Groups of Siemens AG and Bamberg-based DOCexpert Computer GmbH have been actively involved for a number of years in creating IT-based end-to-end solutions for medical practices, medical care centers, clinics and integrated care networks.

The first subject of the partnership will be an all-inclusive package for the 13,000 DOCexpert users to enable a secure link to the telematics infrastructure. It primarily comprises the „HiPath SIcurity Connector” developed by Siemens Communications, integration of the medical practice software from DOCexpert, and card readers. The Connector forms the secure interface between the existing medical information systems and the planned telematics services, such as the e-prescription.

The project combines the experience of Siemens AG in secure communications solutions with the knowledge of DOCexpert GmbH regarding the practical needs of doctors’ offices. „By pooling our expertise in this way, we will be able to offer our users a secure, technologically reliable and cost-effective end-to-end solution for accessing the telematics infrastructure”, noted Jens Naumann, Managing Director of the system house DOCexpert. „Networking medical practices will succeed only if all the telematics components are tuned precisely to each other and have been tested”, he stressed.

The second component of the partnership relates to cooperation in equipping medical care centers, medical practices and cross-sector integrated care networks with IT. As part of this, the electronic patient file Soarian Integrated Care will be integrated in the health professional systems of the DOCexpert Group. This will give users in clinics and doctors’ offices a convenient means of sharing information on cross-facility treatment.

Linking the solutions for medical care centers, out-patient departments and practices built into the DOCexpert health professional software on the one hand and, using Soarian Integrated Care, the Siemens clinic information systems on the other will create the foundation for cross-sector care networks. The partners are already gathering initial experience in this area from successful joint projects.

„The partnership between the two partners Siemens and DOCexpert will enable a high-quality of medical care as well as savings in both time and money”, confirmed Dr. Gunter Werthmann, Medical Coordinator at Bamberg Clinic. „This collaboration is of particularly great benefit for our cross-sector regional network in Bamberg, since Siemens is strongly represented here as a key player in the clinic area and DOCexpert has a strong presence with general practitioners. As a result, there is nothing standing in the way of smooth, integrated care for the patient”, said Dr. Werthmann.

The DOCexpert Group is one of the leading vendors of medical practice software in Germany. Over 16,500 physicians in over 13,000 medical practices use the company’s software solutions. The mid-sized company DOCexpert is a member of the German Association of Vendors of IT Solutions for Healthcare (VHitG) and the SME Initiative Medical Practice IT. DOCexpert employs about 270 people throughout Germany and collaborates with a number of regional sales and service partners.

Siemens Medical Solutions is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the healthcare industry. The company is known for bringing together innovative medical technologies, healthcare information systems, management consulting, and support services, to help customers achieve tangible, sustainable, clinical and financial outcomes. From imaging systems for diagnosis, to therapy equipment for treatment, to patient monitors to hearing instruments and beyond, Siemens innovations contribute to the health and well-being of people across the globe, while improving operational efficiencies and optimizing workflow in hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, and doctors' offices. Employing approximately 33.000 people worldwide and operating in more than 120 countries, Siemens Medical Solutions reported sales of 7.6 billion EUR, orders of 8.6 billion EUR and group profit of 1 billion EUR for fiscal 2005.
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