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Sharps Safety Solutions from Swann-Morton

Still manufacturing from their Sheffield,England home, Swann-Morton have become a world leader in the production of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. They are the preferred choice of health care professionals across a wide range of disciplines due to their quality, precision, consistency and reliability.

Meeting the challenges of ever changing surgical techniques and recent legislation such as the EU Directive on the prevention of Sharps Injuries in the Hospital and Healthcare Sector (2010/32/EU) formally integrated into the UK Health and Safety at Work Act in May 2013, a number of products within their range incorporate safety features which reinforce existing policies and initiatives already established within the Hospitals.

The Sterile single use Blade Remover can be used to remove the contaminated blade at the point of the procedure whilst the Retractable Safety Scalpels, with their high visibility red handles, colour coded sliders, audible clicks and positional locks can assist in reducing potential sharps handling related injuries by supporting safe passing protocols. In response to the new directive this range has now been extended beyond the 10, 11p and 15 blade shapes to include the 20,21,22,23, 24 and 25a.

Launched at Medica last year is the new “KLEEN” Blade Management System. The blade is supplied sterile and encapsulated within a transparent BMS cartridge which is attached to the standard surgical handle using the traditional blade fitment. The protective sheath is then retracted down the handle during usage however it can be reengaged over the blade to ensure compliance with safe passing. At the end of the procedure the sheath is permanently reengaged and the BMS cartridge can be detached from the handle safely without any contact with the contaminated sharp. After the blade count it can be disposed of in an appropriate sharps container.

“Swann-Morton- protecting your future.”