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Setting the Standard for the Future

A new Group from the merger of AMS and SYSTEA Companies

AMS-SYSTEA: a new International Analytical Company

AMS S.p.A. and Systea S.p.A., specialists in the field of design, manufacture and sales of analytical instruments, have announced their merger and the creation of the AMS-SYSTEA Group. This new company starded with the strategic merge of sales and R&D operations. The goal of both companies is to pool valuable skills, expertise and facilities within a common structure, with the following objectives:

- To merge the experiences, the know-how, and the proprietary analytical technologies,
- To increase the range of analytical equipments, with the development of innovative analytical platforms,
- To develop new analytical configurations, and related analytical methods, for environmental, food and industrial applications,
- To share and expand the distribution network to properly address to the market the new products and the related consumables.

The group includes six companies who develop, manufacture and sale automated analytical instrument systems addressed to three major markets: Medical, Environmental and Agri-food.

Four business units

AMS Systea’s new structure includes four divisions:

•Clinical: automated instruments for clinical biochemistry (AMS brand) and reagents (Globe Diagnostics);
•Agri-food: molecular biology kits and analytical equipment (Continuous flow and discrete analyzers from Alliance Instruments and Systea, and Food Safety Investigators from Life Line Lab);
•Environmental: Alliance Instruments, AMS and Systea brands’ continuous flow and discrete analysers, both on line and in situ;
•Nuclear: Ysebaert brand containment systems and isolators for biology and nuclear industries.

A widest range of Analytical instruments

AMS Systea Group is now able to offer the widest range of automated analytical instruments for public and private laboratories and large industrial companies, with three main analytical technologies:
- Continuous Flow Analysis
- Discrete Analysis
- Loop Flow/Micro Loop Flow Analysis

Pooling AMS SYSTEA’s three R&D centres (located in Rome and Anagni in Italy and in Frepillon in France) will result in the launch of new equipments on the market such as the new iCinac and more in the next months.