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Sensovation Launches New Software for Colorimetric Array Imaging Reader CLAIR

Radolfzell, Germany,
Sensovation, a developer and supplier of high-end yet affordable instruments, cameras and OEM systems announces the launch of a new software for data acquisition and analysis with its Colorimetric Array Imaging Reader, CLAIR, at MEDICA 2010. CLAIR is a compact, CCD-camera based reader that enables the user to quickly and sensitively read and analyze whole arrays of colorimetric assays at the bottom of each well of a 96-well plate.

The new CLAIR software features improved spot finding and analysis algorithms. It will automatically detect and measure spots if they are off-center, odd-shaped, and not uniform in intensity enabling accurate analysis even under non-perfect conditions. In addition, the new software will feature a remote communications interface which enables the user to control the instrument from an external host. This feature is especially useful for automated or semi-automated systems. The new software will also streamline the process of establishing, saving, and organizing default settings for reading microarrays and make it easier for users to organize their tests onto microarrays, organize microarrays onto plates or slides, and define acquisition parameters.

CLAIR, Sensovation’s imaging reader which is designed for multi-format multiplexing of colorimetric assays provides fully automated analysis of microarrays in 96-well SBS-microplates, slides, or other sample formats. CLAIR quickly and reliably images and analyzes whole arrays of colorimetric assays printed at the bottom of each well of a 96-well plate. High pixel resolution enables the user to detect spots as small as 20 μm in diameter with excellent signal-to-noise ratios. CLAIR with the new software is available as a stand-alone desktop version with touchscreen-display and integrated processing unit. An automated version of the instrument is available for integration into a robotic system. Sensovation also provides CLAIR as a customized OEM product.
“Our new CLAIR software is designed to make working with CLAIR even faster and easier” said Paul Hing, CTO of Sensovation. “The software is very flexible and accommodates aberrations in spot placement and shape very well. Accurately detecting and analyzing microarrays in wells has just become a lot easier.”

CLAIR complements Sensovation’s Fluorescent Array Imaging Reader, FLAIR, for detection of fluorescent arrays in wells. Both readers are designed to image and analyze arrays in wells but are also suited for other formats, e.g. the standard 2 x 8 pad array layout on slides, biochips or proprietary formats. CLAIR and FALIR are affordable and compact benchtop instruments which are particularly suited for routine diagnostic applications and R&D projects where a large number of analytes need to be investigated quickly and/or sample volume is precious.

CLAIR, FLAIR, as well as an integrated robotic system containing a CLAIR unit can be viewed during MEDICA in Duesseldorf, from November 17 -20 at the Sensovation booth in Hall 2, booth B13.

About Sensovation

Sensovation is a venture-backed company located in southern Germany. The company’s focus since inception has been scientific imaging and low light detection using CCD sensors. Sensovation’s instrumentation and optical detection solutions include the FLAIR and CLAIR imaging readers, the LumiSens® electro-optical OEM module, a fully automated next-generation fluorescence microscope for fast and high resolution histology and for cell analysis, a line of cooled scientific cameras, Envinci a powerful video signal processing board for video endoscopy, medical video camera modules for endoscopy and imaging systems for POC applications. Sensovation is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certified.