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Sensovation – Detection for Life Sciences

Radolfzell, November 2010, Sensovation is a venture-back company located in Radolfzell, Germany. The company was founded in 2001 by Stefan Bicker, CEO, and Paul Hing, CTO.
Main Areas of Expertise
Sensovation designs and manufactures intelligent imaging systems for use in clinical diagnostics and life sciences. The product offering spans the spectrum from high-end, ultra-sensitive scientific cameras to integrated multiplex-enabled instruments for clinical diagnostics and innovative digital microscopy systems for pathology. CCD and CMOS sensors are used to capture even the smallest amounts of light emitted by biological samples which then get analyzed using powerful proprietary algorithms.
Product Portfolio
Sensovations product portfolio includes:
coolSamba – a series of cooled, high-sensitivity, high-resolution scientific cameras. These cameras are optimal for applications where extremely weak light emission needs to be captured. coolSamba cameras are used across a wide spectrum of applications in biotechnology. A new and rapidly growing market for Sensovation’s coolSamba cameras is the exciting field of solar energy production: coolSamba cameras are used for quality control of solar panels and modules – an area in which Sensovation has gained market and technology leadership within the last year.
CLAIR and FLAIR are Sensovation’s multiplexed-enabled readers for applications in the growing market of clinical research and clinical diagnostics. The readers are designed to detect whole arrays of microspots at the bottom of wells, in tubes or on slides. This enables the user to run a whole array of tests in parallel and to measure many parameters at once. This approach saves time and money – critical in today’s environment of ever raising health care costs. Multiplexing is particularly suited for applications in the field of infectious disease diagnostics, e.g. detection of various strains of flu viruses or human papilloma virus (HPV) as well as for diagnosing of autoimmune diseases and allergies.
Digital microscopy is the third main component of Sensovation’s product portfolio. An innovative digital microscope was developed for applications in digital pathology. Novel camera technology and software algorithms make Sensovation’s microscopes are very user-friendly compared to existing systems and allow for fast analysis of patient samples.

Doing Business with Sensovation
Sensovation main business is providing components and systems on an OEM basis. Our cameras and systems are part of many diagnostic systems sold around the world. We are suppliers to a range of companies from the very largest diagnostic companies to small start-ups. As OEM suppliers we are frequently asked to make customer-specified modifications to our products – both on the hardware as well as on the software side. Working closely with the customer to realize those modifications is one of our core competencies.
Sensovation is selling its CLAIR and FLAIR instruments for multiplexed diagnostics to diagnostic companies either as stand-alone units or as integrated processing unit. The company is looking for partners and distributors for those instruments for the Europe, US/CA, Asia-Pacific, and Latin-America.
Stefan Bickert, MBA

Paul Hing, Ph.D.

VP of Marketing
Hanswilly Mueller, Ph.D.

VP of Sales
Alfred Moeps, Ph.D.

US Business Development
Tina Baumgartner, Ph.D., MB

Dr. Hanswilly Müller
VP of Marketing
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