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Sensorcare Systems Ltd.

SensorCare Systems Acquired by TP Matrix Ltd

In April 2004 SensorCare Systems was acquired by TP Matrix Limited.

SensorCare Systems, formerly of Ornhams Hall, Yorkshire, was established in 1995 by an ex-director of an NHS Trust to manufacture and distribute high technology products dedicated to helping prevent falls in hospitals, care homes and private homes. Developed in response to the recognition by healthcare professionals of the needs and benefits of assistive technology applied to the subject of falls management, SensorCare Systems’ bed and chair sensor panels offer a total concept support.

TP Matrix Limited is privately owned (formed in 1988), based in Oldham and is ISO 9001-2000 approved. The company specialises in Electronics Design, Manufacture and Service, employing some 50 staff. The Company’s mission statement (that reads: “To deliver customer and hardware support across all phases and aspects of a products life-cycle, in a manner that combines the best of traditional service values with modern demands for responsiveness, flexibility and dependability”) illustrates that the existing culture of the business is well suited to the healthcare market. Bringing the two companies together has increased the capacity and capability to meet the growing demand for the product, both domestic and international, and to both expand and improve the product portfolio.

The Product:
The system consists of two components, a pressure sensing panel which is located beneath the mattress or chair cushion, and a control / alarm unit which is placed in a convenient position for the carer to operate.
As the person starts to vacate their bed or chair, the panel detects the change in pressure and a signal is sent down a cable-link to the control unit, which gives an audible and visual alarm (the alarm signal can optionally be relayed to a remote location by nurse-call system or radio). Not only does this alert care staff that help is required, but gives the nurse/carer additional precious time to hopefully reach the scene BEFORE a fall occurs. The system is designed to only alert when the patient transitions to the edge of the bed or is rising from the chair; it is tolerant of normal day and night-time movement, thereby limiting the occurrence of false alarms

Independent Performance Validation:
SensorCare Systems’ bed and chair monitors, with remote paging, were selected for use in Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham’s project study: REFINE (Reducing Falls in In Patient Elderly). The independent research demonstrated a significant reduction in falls, reduced length of stay for non-fallers, and a reduction in the number of incidents: to the benefit of staff, patients and their relatives.
This work was subsequently voted winner: Illustrating Technological Innovation in NHS Trent: - Celebrating Success 2004 awards.
(Source: Dr Opinder Sahota, University Hospital Nottingham, 2003).