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Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.

Sensa Core Journey

2018 - Lacto Spark Lactate Measuring system has been developed and commercialised Globally.

2017 - The Decade Celebrations with the launch of new products. ST-200 CC Blood Gas Analyzer has been launched.

2016 - Targeting the requirements of smart Electrolyte Analyzer. ST-200 Pro Electrolyte Analyzer has been developed and commercialised Globally.

2015 - ST-200 series Electrolyte Analyzer reached 20 global destinations. Sensa Core entered Diabetic Market with the launch of Gluco Spark.

2014 - An idea to invent Blood Gas Analyzer gave birth to ST-100B Electrolyte Analyzer. Concept to make maintenance free electrolyte analyzer became ST-200CL Electrolyte Analyzer.

2013 - ST-200 Plus Electrolyte Analyzer has been Globally Commercialised. ST-200 Plus Electrolyte has been made available in twin (Flip & Slider) variant.

2012 - An Idea to integrate multiple analyzers and create Universal Analyzer. The birth of ST-200 Plus Electrolyte Analyzer.

2011 - ST-100 has been commercialised across PAN India. Sensa Core began the Generic Portfolio to become ONE STOP SHOP FOR ELECTROLYTE ECO-SYSTEM.

2010 - Concept became Reality. ST-100 Electrolyte has been launched.

2009 - Evaluation of Electrolyte Analyzer. A machine has been built around the Heart of ISE Technology.

2008 - State of Art Infrastructure Development. An Ultra modern facility has been constructed.

2007 - Sensa Core's Invention of Heart of ISE Technology. Electrode module been Developed.

2006 - The Beginning of a Journey....Incorporation of Sensa Core....

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