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Sempermed Syntegra UV - Patented Production Process with UV Light

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In the health sector, where the use of disposable gloves for protection and hygiene is becoming ever more indispensable, both medical staff and patients experience allergies again and again. In addition to the known type I allergy sufferers (latex intolerance), many people also suffer from an allergy to the accelerators used in the production process (type IV allergy).

After years of research, the Sempermed R&D team has succeeded in using photochemical processes - induced by UV light - to interlink the glove film. This new production process at the Austrian facility allows the new Sempermed® Syntegra UV to be manufactured without accelerators. Thanks to polyisoprene, a material similar to natural latex, it also offers the popular comfort of latex.

The benefits for the users are enormous:

• Very good skin-friendliness
→ because free from latex and accelerators
• Comfort of a latex glove
→ thanks to the material polyisoprene
• Less hand fatigue

The production process using UV technology is unique and has already been awarded the innovation prize, the “Fast Forward Award”.

The market launch of the new Sempermed® Syntegra UV is planned for 2013.
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