German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e. V.

Self-sealing Incisions with Improved UNO Colorline 23G 1-step Trocar System

Through the reduced height of the port leverage, effecting the sclerotomy by using instruments, is minimized and thus further preserving the sclerotomy during operation. A specially processed port tube provides for a secure fit in the sclera so that the lance can generally be removed without counter-holding. Additionally the danger of port slippage during instrument exchange is minimized. The enclosed Uno Colorline infusion cannula securely locks in the port and is also designed for infusion of silicone oil up to 6 bar. The silicone valve of the Uno Colorline 23 gauge trocar system allows for easy use of instruments with silicone tips. Additionally it seals the port securely, however opens at high IOD, by which patient security is further improved.