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Secure Support for the Shoulder


Whether it is used post-operatively to treat shoulder injuries or following prosthetic implants, or for post-traumatic treatment after a dislocated shoulder, the new SecuTec Omo stabilizing orthosis secures and relieves the injured joint and reduces pain.
The shoulder joint can be immobilized in any chosen abduction position in order to relieve the tendinous ligaments. The special feature of the SecuTec Omo is a multifunctional joint with two settings that enables the arm to be positioned in accordance with the indications. The abduction angle can be individually adjusted up to 60°. The arm can be rotated inward and/or outward regardless of the selected angle and this rotation can easily be controlled at the touch of a button. The rotation can also be limited if necessary. The arm support rests on the pelvic harness, so there is no need for a shoulder strap.
Another new addition to the product range for the shoulder is the OmoLoc stabilizing orthosis. This is used for immobilizing the joint immediately after surgery or after resetting a dislocated shoulder. The sling, which consists of a pelvic/abdominal strap and three individually adjustable arm loops, holds the arm in a 0-degree abduction position and keeps the elbow bent at 90-100 degrees. Limiting movement reduces pain and ensures that the surgical outcome is maintained. The arm loops can be positioned anywhere on the abdominal strap to suit the individual anatomy of the patient – this ensures a perfect fit and maximum comfort. The open and light construction of the orthosis makes it easier to maintain personal hygiene, particularly around the wound.

Zeulenroda-Triebes, Nov 7, 2013