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Secondary pig experiment

Secondary pig experiment to proceed
There is a saying that seeing is believing. It is originated from the oriental book, Jochunggukjeon by Hanseo and means a thousand hearings are not worth one seeing to indicate one can know for sure only after experiencing something.
So do the staff members of N.Finders co.,Ltd. As all of them participate in diverse company experiments to watch, feel and understand, it is only natural for them to have a differentiated perspective in their explanation and knowledge.
The mini-pig experiment had begin in June 2012, released findings in a month and now is in the 3rd month F/up.
In the secondary experiment, RF, PRP, PDRN, Botulism toxin, HA Filer, Cog thread to be combined with PDO thread were studied. All of the research outcomes were announced in November together with other research findings by Wonkwang University and Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital teams.