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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Second Hospital Success for Brandon Medical’s Coolview Lights

Brandon Medical is pleased to announce that their range of examination lights has been chosen in a second extensive hospital redevelopment project. Following on from the success of their installation of Coolview lights for Newcastle PFI, the new University College London Hospital (UCLH) have now selected Brandon’s range of examination lights. This is part of their redevelopment project to provide state of the art clinical facilities in one building

Medical lighting specialists, Brandon Medical, won Phase 3 of the contract to equip the new hospital with their comprehensive range of examination lamps. In addition to Brandon’s Astralites and range of medical room lighting, UCLH ordered and installed a significant amount of Coolview ceiling mounted lights. Choosing Brandon Medical’s top of the range examination lamps demonstrates UCLH’s commitment to supplying the newly renovated hospital with quality, specialised lighting.

Brandon’s Coolview Range of Lights specialise in offering cool, clear ‘daylight’ quality illumination with the different models in the range ensuring the lights are suitable for both standard and more complex examinations. The C50 and XM models allow excellent movement and positioning around the examination couch. The C35 model offers both concentrated spot lighting and diffused flood lighting and is ideal for utilisation in consulting and examination rooms. Brandon Medical’s range of examination lights offer a choice of arm movements in addition to a wide range of mounting brackets for wall, ceiling and rail mountings.

Brandon Medical are medical lighting specialists with over 30 years experience working within the healthcare sector. Highly regarded, with a reputation for research and innovation, Brandon offer the most advanced lighting solutions based on the precise needs of the customer. Brandon’s expertise in the area of medical lighting is demonstrated through the utilisation of their lights in both the Newcastle PFI and UCLH million pound projects to transform healthcare services across the country.