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Schwa-Times are Changing - Schwa-Medico Is Changing too

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It is one of our main tasks in the future to combat the negative stress effect which so reduces the quality of life. For the last 35 years we have been successfully developing medical options designed to help patients; our name stands for TENS Therapy and Acupuncture, the modern technology of pain relief therapy.

The demand for performance in the field of stress management and wellness is continually increasing whereby this takes place for the main part far from home – at the holiday location or where it is provided at high costs. It is our aim to provide practical offers in the field of wellness at affordable prices.

Medical wellness, understood as targeted prevention, healing and alleviation of illnesses can only be sustainable and success-promising as long as it is integrated in a health promoting everyday lifestyle. The pursuit of medical wellness should not be restricted to the „health holiday“ but should rather include options available for the home environment. Medical wellness has also to do with behavioural medicine – this means changing behaviour and the attitude to life based on an in-depth diagnosis with the object of improving health. The specific changes recommended by wellness experts are only of use provided they can be integrated in the everyday life of the individual concerned.

Frequently, image and atmosphere of medical equipment fails to meet the expectations of medical wellness clients and are therefore regarded in a negative light. It is for this reason that, in addition to our various medical wellness systems, we offer clients “pampering” in the sense of increased service readiness and professional marketing in the field of sales and also room decoration. Space requirements are minimal: 4 - 6 m² suffices to integrate our Spamedic-Concept Medical Wellness modules in the practice.


We offer performance in the form of treatment concepts in the field of relaxation, massage and biofeedback. All concepts represent the ideal supplement to the other services provided by the practice and are designed to strengthen the patient bonding element.

These concepts enable the physician or physiotherapist to satisfy the needs of the patients for innovative and effective relaxation treatment. We provide solutions for the ever increasing stress levels experienced in everyday living; solutions which are continually in greater demand.

The structure of the practice does not have to be changed: our solutions are fully automatic, hands-off treatment concepts which do not affect the services normally available in the practice.

The concepts are easily integrated in a small room of some 4 m². Connection to a standard power socket is all that is required. Depending on the concept, the costs of this highly modern system will normally have been amortized after 100 to 200 operating hours.