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Savion isolation products for ebola

New product at Savion Industries –“Galileo Ebola Bed”

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New product at Savion Industries –“Galileo Ebola Bed”

The current Ebola epidemic has largely focused world attention on what can be done to treat, cure or prevent the outbreak of this disease – but much less on the care and welfare of the patients and the dedicated staff who are treating the outbreak on a daily basis.

One company which has begun to tackle the issue of patient isolation, care options and the safety and protection of the nursing and medical staff is Savion Industries.

Already well known and a market leader in the manufacture of patient care beds, patient transfer trolleys and stretchers – including stretchers with motorized self-driving capabilities – Savion has helped to revolutionize the way patients can be transferred speedily, safely and comfortably within the medical institution.

A few years back – during an outbreak of SARS disease - Savion was one of the first companies to introduce a mobile isolation chamber enabling contagious patients to be transported inside a transparent chamber which protects their infection from contaminating the environment as well as from infecting the attendant nursing and patient transportation staff. The range already includes a chamber mounted on a manual stretcher, on a motorized stretcher and a special mobile pediatric crib.

Now, a new and innovative product which can be used during today’s Ebola outbreak is to be introduced at Medica 2014: the electrically operated patient bed in the “Galileo” line, fitted with its own isolation chamber.

The transparent isolation chamber which completely covers the bed surface to a height which can enable a patient to be seated inside, works on the principle of “negative pressure”. A small but powerful battery-operated pump attached to the chamber continuously pumps out the (infected) air inside the chamber and this air is passed through a replaceable carbon filter before being emitted into the atmosphere. The pumping out of the contaminated air creates a chamber of “negative pressure”, into which uncontaminated air flows from the environment, and maintains a continuous air-flow inside the chamber.

The chamber itself is manufactured from transparent plastic material which can be very easily disinfected after each use, and is fitted with conduit openings and sleeves on both sides, to enable doctors and nurses to administer medication, the insertion of monitoring cables and tubing, IV drips etc – all of which may be required by the infected patient – without exposing themselves to the danger of air-borne contamination.

The Galileo bed to which the chamber is attached – and is of course removable when no longer required - is a top-of-the-line hospitalization bed , fully electrically operated to allow the patient a degree of control over his positioning inside the bed but with all functions capable of being locked out from the patient when required, and highly mobile in the event that the patient needs to be transferred to another unit or taken for treatment or examination in another department, without being removed from isolation for each transfer.

Ran Zimbalista, CEO of Savion Industries, who has designed and engineered the concept of the mobile isolation chamber, is sure that the “Galileo Ebola Bed”, will fill an important niche in the market.

“After we introduced the mobile isolation chamber designed for patient transportation mainly into the isolation worlds, we observed that many hospitals do not have sufficient isolation hospitalization facilities in special rooms or wards. The availability of a fully equipped hospital bed for long-term hospitalization which can be used on its own as a self-contained isolation unit/hospital bed for an individual patient, but can also provide the capability of isolated transportation – could be a welcome addition and provide a much needed solution”.

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