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Brown Medical Industries, Inc.

Satin Heels™ Exfoliates Skin Overnight

Most women, and many men, know the problems caused by dry, cracked skin on the heels.

Typical treatments include exfoliating, using creams to soften and an abrasive file to rub away the dead skin.

Brown Medical Industries offers a new solution – Satin Heels. This heel sock gently and passively exfoliates the skin while the user sleeps. It can be used with a urea-based cream and the Satin Heels unique material ensures that the cream or lotion is contained overnight.

In addition, the compression and insulation provided by the elastic support aids in the containment and absorption of the cream. Although designed for use while sleeping, they are comfortable enough to be worn even during the day, working equally well inside shoes or slippers.

Satin Heels are good sellers in the retail environment at health care stores and pharmacies, or directly by dermatologists or podiatrists.