Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation

Samyang Biopharm-Boryung, signs Co-Promotion Contract for Anti-cancer Drug ‘Genexsol’

Samyang Biopharm (CEO: Um Tay-oong) Boryung (CEO: Chai Tay-heung) held a ceremony to mark the January 25 signing of a co-promotion agreement for anti-cancer drug ‘Genexsol’.  In this agreement both companies will take responsibility for the sales and marketing of this drug (Double Hit Co-Promotion), maximizing the sales ability of both companies and steering Genexsol’s growth. 

 President Um Tay-oong said “This agreement will increase our competitiveness in the anti-cancer drug market and eventually make Genexsol the number one product on the market.  We plan to accelerate our efforts to develop anti-cancer drugs using the highest level bio-polymer field and drug delivery technology (DDS) in the country and continue to expand our cooperative relationship in the anti-cancer drug field as well as our grip on this market.

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