Samarit Canada returns to MEDICA with improved turning system for anesthetized patients -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Samarit Medical Industries Inc.

Samarit Canada returns to MEDICA with improved turning system for anesthetized patients


CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, September 16, 2015 – Samarit Medical Industries Inc. (Samarit Canada) will feature its improved SAMARIT Patient Turning System (PTS) at MEDICA 2015, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, November 16-19 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

As trade fair goers there will see, Samarit is at the forefront of safer patient moving and handling. The Samarit PTS enables operating room staff, with minimal effort and no strain, to turn anesthetized patients from the supine position to the prone  – without disrupting any respiration, infusion, or other dangling devices attached to the patient. Introduced last year at MEDICA 2014, the PTS system on display this year will include a new Samarit ROLLBORD™, specifically designed to be wedged under the PTS, which wraps around the patient like a cocoon. As operating theatre staff pull down on the red PTS handles to turn the patient, the Rollbord slides smoothly underneath, enabling the patient to be spun slowly and safely, in place. 

“We’ve modified the Rollboard for the PTS by making it a bit shorter and softer for the patient to turn over on, but otherwise it works the same way as our original Rollboard does,” explains Samarit Canada’s production manager, Mike Lalani. “And like the Rollboard, the PTS was designed in Switzerland by our affiliate, who tells us our PTS is already selling well there. So we are confident MEDICA will help us get that word out to other European countries and their distributors. Next year, we’ll then introduce the SAMARIT Patient Turning System to North America. But we’ll start that process this year with the many Americans we see each year at MEDICA. It’s the best show in the world for networking.”

About Samarit

Samarit Medical Industries Inc. was founded with the aim of improving care while making care easier for nurses and caregivers both in the hospital and in the home. Samarit Canada is affiliated with Samarit Medical Ltd Switzerland. Samarit Canada was founded in 2000 and produces exclusive Samarit products for the North American market.

The SAMARIT ROLLBORD™,  our a “no-lift Patient Transfer System”, was patented in 1988 and became the  foundation of our international distribution, which now includes over 80 distributors in more than 70 countries.

Over the years, Samarit has developed many other intelligent nursing aids that improve care.We develop those new products always in conjunction with doctors, specialists, caregivers, and engineers in order to optimize both performance and price for the buyer.

At MEDICA 2015, Samarit will be exhibiting where it was last year, at Booth G50 in Hall 16 and we welcome distributors, the media, and caregivers to come see our products and even try them out. You can also locate us in “Companies & Products" on the portal. 

For further information, please contact Mike Lalani, Production Manager at 1-519-658-2200 by telephone or by email. Please also visit for more information on our growing range of products.