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Salli Systems/Easydoing Ltd

Salli Saddle Chair with a Divided Seat

The human body is punished daily by the long hours of sitting. Sitting on an unergonomic conventional chair often results in sitting disorders, and this makes the choice of the working stool extremely essential to one’s health. Salli Systems from Finland brings an intelligent and revolutionary ergonomic solution for everyone suffering from sitting-originated disorders or hoping to prevent them: the divided saddle seat (patented worldwide).
The two-parted Salli Saddle Chair has been designed to eliminate disorders that arise from bad sitting: back pain and shoulder tensions as well as neck pain and poor blood circulation in the legs. In addition, the divided saddle seat feels especially comfortable as no pressure is concentrated on the pelvic and genital area. Instead of decreased work efficiency and early retirement it is possible to sit happy and healthy – and feel good during and after long working hours.

Salli Swing for active sitting
The Salli Swing is a slightly swinging saddle chair with a mechanism that enables the seat to be tilted into every direction while sitting. The small movements made with the pelvis on a Swing chair strengthen the back muscles, add to the mobility of the lower back and improve the blood and fluid circulation in the whole body. On a Salli Swing also moving and reaching is comfortable and effortless.

Studying sitting pressure
Different types of seats induce a different pressure while sitting. On a traditional office chair, the pressure is concentrated on the buttock and thigh muscles and partly also on the genitalia. Solid saddle seat inflicts an unpleasant and harmful pressure on the nerves and veins by the pubic bone. When using a two-part seat, the pressure is correctly focused on the ischial bones, which is the healthiest alternative for all who sit for longer periods of time.