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Sagem Orga and MAT contract strategic partnership

SIM-card (Photo: Sagem Orga)

PADERBORN. Sagem Orga and Maine Avenue Technologies (MAT), specialists in Internet-based Point of Sales (POS) tools, announce a strategic partnership to provide advanced (U)SIM card personalization solutions for mobile operators' retail outlets.

The (U)SIM is at the heart of any network operator's business strategy, and it is becoming the de facto platform for providing subscribers with advanced applications and services. What is less advanced is the logistics of updating USIM cards. Traditional methods to distribute new applications such as SIM swaps or OTA updates have their problems; a typical 10-kilobyte application requires up to 100 OTA messages.
Sagem Orga and Maine Avenue Technologies (MAT) have become partners to provide operators' retail stores with an online Internet-based solution to enhance the SIM provision process and remove the barriers associated with issuing and updating (U)SIMs in the field.
With a standard smart card reader and Internet access, retail point of sale personnel can easily perform the following tasks:

•Load new applications onto the SIM
•Copy customer phone books and messages from one card to another
•Back up and restore customer contacts
•Repair faulty cards
•SIM profile management – profiles can be chosen at the POS
•Update preferred roaming lists and other network settings
•Provide the operator with statistics about cards in the field

This centrally managed server means that retail outlet personnel have an easy-to-use solution for upgrading SIM software as new applications become available. Security is assured through cryptographic processes and customers can have their cards updated in less than a minute.