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Safety Redefined. Seal Check in a New Design

The test system for the daily checking of your rotary sealer is a must in light of the ISO 11607 standard. And just as the standard has been adopted to global standards, the Seal Check, too, has been adopted for a new, international era.

The information on the labels is now provided in four languages – German, English, French and Spanish. What is more, the individual labels are bigger and clearer. So now, the device is easier to use than ever. The standard requires heat-sealed seams to have certain quality criteria.
An indicator strip on the hawotest Seal Check indicates whether these criteria are satisfied. This rules out a subjective interpretation of the heatsealed seam – irrespective of the type of sealer. The ISO 11607 standard explicitly
requires the following documentation criteria:

1. A continuous heat-sealed seam extends over the entire width.
2. The seam has no holes or tears.
3. The sealing material has not become separated or undone.
4. No hollow or open seams are

Used daily, the Seal Check can ensure that the sealer is working optimally and producing the right results. If the sealer has an integrated Seal Check
function (hawomed hm 850 DC, hm 2010 DC and hm 2020 DC), it is possible simultaneously to print the critical sealing parameters (temperature and contact pressure) as well as the test date and the name of the tester on the back of the package.