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Safe and Stable in Every Position

A new kind of vacuum mattress expands the line of accessories for Trumpf operating tables. Depending on size, the various formats adapt to all operating table models and all patients. Staff can secure the patient on the operating table quickly and safely in any position required. This gives the surgeon optimal access to the surgical field. Even extreme tilting or inclining of the operating table does not change the defined position of the patient. A new surface structure minimizes slipping of the cushion on the operating table. The slip-proofing can be increased by small external supports.

Easy handling
Managing the mattress is extremely easy. First the caregiver lets air into the unused mattress via a plastic valve. Then he/she places the patient in the required position on the mattress, which adapts itself to the shape of the patient’s body. If necessary, the nurse can now mould the mattress further around the patient's body. When this has been done as directed, the nurse releases excess air from the mattress. Micro styropore beads in the mattress stabilize themselves, through the resulting vacuum, into a firm and supportive form. The OR position can be corrected at any time by breaking the vacuum, adjusting the mattress to the patient’s new position and then releasing the air again.

Advantages for patients and hospitals
In addition to safe and unmovable positioning, the mattress has other decisive advantages for the patient: in comparison to other positioning systems, the vacuum mattress stores body heat considerably longer. The hospital not only profits from long-term multiple use; saving additional materials as well as reducing costs. The usefulness of the various vacuum mats in different disciplines is another advantage. The mattress is suitable for general surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology and urology, as well as paediatrics. It is latex-free, radio-transparent and appropriate for MRI and CT, permitting radiography intra-operatively. In addition, it provides for patient transport, regardless of the operating table. Owing to its light-weight nature, one person can carry the mattress without difficulty and move it between operating tables or rooms. TRUMPF offers various versions of the vacuum mat, including a special shape for hip operations, or one used as a pillow.