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Safe, Hygienic and Individually Configurable

A robust frame ensures safe conveyor operation. Height-adjus

Conveyors increase capacity of Miele PG 8528 decontamination unit

Large decontamination units with automatic loading and unloading facilities save valuable time and effort in CSSD units. Consequently, Miele is now offering its own conveyor system to complement the PG 8528 decontamination unit. Conveyors enable washer-disinfectors to continue operation after normal working hours. This serves to further improve efficiency and increase cost effectiveness in a well-run CSSD operation. In developing the new system, the focus was clearly on safety, hygiene and simplicity of use.

Once a mobile unit has been placed on the infeed conveyer, the decontamination unit is loaded and unloaded fully automatically. Programmes are assigned and started automatically, thanks to the automatic mobile unit identification system.

Miele offers a variety of infeed and outfeed conveyors to suit clients' specific needs. The use of an infeed or outfeed conveyor only is also possible where space constraints apply.

Maintenance without special tools

A robust frame ensures safe conveyor operation. Height-adjustable feet adapt to on-site floor conditions. Lockable wheels combine stability when stationary with mobility. The mechanical and electrical design ensures fast access for maintenance. Each conveyor can be undocked with ease and without the need for special tools.

The automatic positioning and guide system for load carriers prevents loads from jamming. Various safety functions such as the emergency OFF switch ensure a high level of user protection.

High levels of hygiene are achieved through the design of the conveyors: Detritus and residual water drains off into a collection tray thanks to the sloping panels. These panels can be removed simply and without tools for cleaning.