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Miele & Cie. KG, Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutschland

Safe, Efficient and Convenient: Successful PG 85 Decontamination Series

Miele innovations for clinics and laboratories

A large number of clinics and laboratories are already working successfully with Miele's new PG 85 generation of washer-disinfectors which have been on the market for approximately two years. These machines offer very safe and efficient reprocessing of instruments and laboratory glassware.

The innovative single-door and barrier decontamination units have stood the test of time in practical installations since 2006. For example five machines at the St. Vincenz Hospital in Brakel and 12 machines at the Vanguard Company in Essen (formerly Instruclean) work to users' satisfaction. The central sterilisation unit at the Cologne University Clinic also uses several machines successfully.

Apart from satisfied customers in Germany, many customers abroad also rely on the performance of the PG 85 series. Within only a few months, several hundred units have been installed in 18 more countries. Customers place particular emphasis on safety, convenience and the economic feasibility of the new Miele system. The majority of the machines are installed in clinics and laboratories in the Netherlands, Austria, the USA, Switzerland and France in for example such large medical applications as the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, the hospital Landesklinikum Wiener Neustadt in Austria and the new Hôpital Privé Jean Mermoz in Lyon.

Quality, safety and economic feasibility have always taken first place at Miele. Customers all over the world know this and trust in innovations such as PerfectSpeed (to monitor the correct spray arm speed), PerfectFlow (for the separate monitoring of dispensed process chemicals) and PerfectPure (the maintenance-free system for measuring conductivity and detecting residue in wash liquor).

Hygiene and convenience benefits

Further innovations ensure enhanced hygiene and improved user convenience. This includes the PerfectTouch display which is set in a perfectly smooth and flush glass screen allowing simple operation and effective surface disinfection, and the new hygienic cove-cornered wash cabinet with sloping horizontal surfaces and made from high-end stainless steel. An optional all-glass PerfectVision door in combination with special in-cabinet lighting ensures an excellent view into the cabinet. During the drying phase, a high-temperature HEPA filter directly upstream from the cabinet prevents the entrance of undesirable particulate material and thereby ensures optimum hygiene of drying air. Recontamination is therefore not possible.

Miele's new PG 85 series sets new standards in the reprocessing of instruments and laboratory glassware and makes work considerably easier.