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Safe Babies: Protecting the Newly Born Ward against Abduction and Mix-Up

If a baby is abducted from a hospital or inadvertently mixed-up on the ward hospitals are put under enormous public pressure. A security system for the new born ward provides additional protection against these risks and boost the image of the institution when competing fort he favour of parents-to-be.

The radio-based ZETTLER® BabyGuard provides cutting-edge protection against babies being abducted. The system is based on sender-recipient-dialog which uses electronic transponders which operate at the medically harmless frequency of 125 kHz and are only activated if a reader is in the proximity.

After the baby has been delivered both mother and newly born wear transponder pairs which are tuned to each other. This rules out the risk of babies being mixed-up. Nurses are given a general chip-key so they have access to the ward. An alarm is triggered as soon as a reader detects a baby-chip without the signal of the mother’s chip or a nurse chip. This alarm is tripped after the signal has been checked twice in order to avoid false alarms.

All systems messages are logged and visually displayed in a ward plan. An alarm can be triggered at the exit points and indicated optically and acoustically using the nurse call system (e.g. at the ward PC) as well as via DECT-phones. Nurses on the ward are immediately informed which exit/entry point triggered the alarm and which baby is involved. CCTV systems provide further information and track visually what has been happening at exit/entry points. This means that valuable time for emergency measures has been won.

ZETTLER® BabyGuard can be installed without any construction work being required. Readers are installed at the entry points to newly born rooms and wards and respective antennas are installed in or around doors.

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