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STARLED 5 - Led Lamp for the Operating Room

ACEM Medical Company (Division of ACEM S.p.A.) Italian company specialized in the production of surgical lamps, presents at MEDICA – Düsseldorf ( 17th – 20th November 2010) its LED lamp for the operating room mod. STARLED 5.

STARLED 5 is part of the Starled Series and as the whole range is made with LED technology (light emitting diodes), an extraordinary light source which is becoming more and more popular for its reduced dimensions, duration in time, low energy consumption, high performance, lack of heat and excellent colour rendering index. Moreover, this is proposed as the “light of the future” for its characteristics of flexibility of use and sustainability in a series of different sectors, especially in the medical one. The innovative LED technology used in the STARLED 5 guarantees a light beam without IR infrared rays hence eliminating heat under the lamp and on the surgeons heads. The 50 LEDs which make the STARLED 5 are circularly positioned around the handle, generating a light spot of 21 cm. at 1 meter with a high illumination level of 135.000 lux (160.000 lux optional) for a steady life cycle of 50.000 hours. STARLED 5 guarantees a colour rendering index of 95 (CRI) with a colour temperature of 4.900 °K. These two values allow to reproduce the exact chromatic scale of the colours of the human body.

In order to achieve a correct illumination on the surgical field and based on the needs of the surgeons, STARLED 5 can produce a focused illumination as well as a uniform ambient one thanks to a manual focusing system made by the central handle of the lamp. The easy to grip handle can be extracted and autoclaved, and if requested, it can contain a fixed focus or zoom video camera for a precise and constant recording of the intervention.

STARLED 5 combines high technology with a practical and functional design and thanks to its lateral handles it is comfortable and light to move.
Besides, its design takes into consideration sanitary requirements of the OR. For this reason it has been manufactured with a smooth and resistant material that makes cleaning quick, easy and complete. The lamp shape assures visual comfort and is particularly suitable for laminar flows hence avoids obstructing air flows inside the operating room reducing considerably the turbulence areas.

STARLED 5 is suitable for minimally invasive surgery for it comes with the new LIGHT-UP® system, a technology invented by ACEM that, thanks to its particular beams of light coming from the upper part of the lamp allows to have a perfect visualization of the surgical field, a correct visual comfort and the right vision of the monitor. These conditions are ideal for the preparation and treatment during the operation, monitoring of the patient and microscope operations.

STARLED 5 can be integrated (on demand) with a video camera in the central handle of the lamp (or on a separate arm) and is compatible with all ACEM lamps of the STARLED Series. According to the needs in the operating room, it can be produced in different configurations: STARLED 5 Double (twin configuration) and STARLED 5 in combination with OT-STARLED or STARLED3 EVO PLUS. STARLED 5 Double or together with OT-STARLED can be supplied (on demand) with synchronized controls which grant simplicity of use as well as the possibility of being managed by a single operator