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STARLED 1 : The First Medical Lamp of the STARLED Series

STARLED 1 is the first one-lighted lamp of the STARLED Series created by ACEM Medical Company (Division of ACEM S.p.A.) Italian company leader in the medical illumination sector.

STARLED Series is born from careful analysis that the R&D Department of ACEM grants to the work needs of Doctors and Surgeons combined with continuous research in the innovative LED technology (light emitting diodes), an extraordinary light source which is becoming more popular for its reduced dimensions, duration in time, low energy consumption, high performance, lack of heat and excellent colour rendering index. Moreover, this is proposed as the “light of the future” for its characteristics of flexibility of use and sustainability in a series of different sectors, specially in the medical one.. The innovative LED technology guarantees the best performance eliminating at the same time all the disadvantages of the conventional light bulbs. This technology has the exclusive characteristic of emitting the light beam without IR (infrared) and UV (ultra violet rays) that are responsible for the heat of the laminar flow.

The use of LED technology and careful analysis of clinical needs have determined the production of STARLED 1, a lamp for diagnose capable of assuring an unparalleled luminous quality having a colour temperature of 5.000 °K and a colour rendering index of 88 (CRI).

STARLED 1 assures an excellent performance (50.000 lux) at very low Energy consumption (24 W) and an average life spam which can be 100 times that of a regular light bulb. Its practical and functional design has been studied to ensure a handiness; stability and simplicity to use and clean.

According to its use STARLED 1 is available in different versions, that is with articulated or flexible arm, with rail or table clamp, wall bracket or on a trolley with adjustable height.