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STARLED 1 EVO EVOlution for the examination lamp of the STARLED series

STARLED1 EVO is the evolution of the first medical examination lamp of STARLED series created by ACEM Medical Company (Division of ACEM S.p.A.), Italian manufacturer leader who has been working in the medical lighting field for many years.

EVOLUTION has always been one of the key success factors for ACEM. Evolution when studying new light sources and materials, innovation when designing their own devices, innovation in the shapes and technologies but above all, innovation in the way light itself is conceived.
Evolution for ACEM is the use of LED technology (Light Emitting Diode), an extraordinary light source which is becoming more popular for its reduced dimensions, duration in time, low energy consumption, high performance, lack of heat and excellent colour rendering index.
Moreover, this is proposed as the “light of the future” above all in the medical field too.
Such sophisticated technology is in fact the base of all the lamps of STARLED Series, state of the art technology, well known and appreciated both in Italy and abroad.
This new version called STARLED 1 EVO has been improved and produces an unparalleled
quality of light with a colour temperature of 4.900 °K and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95.
STARLED1 EVO has great performances (60.000 Lux) with low consumption (12W) and an average life of more than 100 times that of normal bulbs. Thanks to its practical and functional design studied to ensure handiness and stability this lamp is easy to be used and cleaned. Besides the light intensity can be perfectly adjusted through the simple use of its innovative I-SENSE control panel.
According to its final use STARLED1 EVO is available with articulated or flexible arm, rail, wall, table or adjustable height trolley mounted. The new STARLED1 EVO is available fixed or adjustable height ceiling mounted too.