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We offer a new system for the point of care, doctor office and screening.

The system is composed by an easy to use, portable reader  and selected immunochromatographic tests.

The first list of high quality tests applied on the reader is :

  • PROM test for amniotic fluid leakage control, ideal for gynaecologists, emergency units and family care  centre to control pregnancy.

  • Tetanus test for the on site control of immunization  

  • Malaria: ideal for population screening

  • FOB: quantitative sampler, high quality test and the report of a reader, ideal for screening at low costs

  • HIV CE marked: the test on whole blood is ideal for mass screening and reporting 

Other tests can be adapted upon request.

Some of the reader main features are:

• 8 hours battery autonomy
• Bar code scanner which allows to easy transfer patient data and can lot specifications
• Calibration for each product on a specific SD card
• Reading time control is included in product calibration
• No unintentional interchange
• Printer available
• Connectivity with LIS