SMT & HYBRID is an innovative and high-performance electronics service provider. Exceptional expertise in E²MS (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services) results from the practical insider knowledge of high-quality productions. Our passion for complex assemblies makes us the perfect solution partner for your demanding electronic tasks. Our focus on results and processes ensures the economic and timely production - including all ancillary services. Own engineers, electronics engineers, automation technicians as well as precision device technicians develop, test and manufacture electronic assemblies, components and complete devices for medical diagnostics, monitoring and therapy systems. SMT & HYBRID covers the entire value chain - from the design idea to series production up to reliable service throughout the entire product life cycle.

The lean organisation of the medium-sized and owner-managed company allows for a high degree of flexibility, short decision-making paths and a fair price-performance ratio. We attach particular importance to a trusting cooperation which is based on partnership and marked by personal interaction, communication and thinking ahead.

Medical electronics is increasingly becoming more and more functional, reliable, complex and compact. In this connection, SMT & HYBRID offers the crucial competitive edge in the marketplace: Close networking with research institutes and microelectronics companies provides fresh know-how. We are continuously investing in new EMS developments and modern equipment. From the very beginning, SMT & HYBRID considers all processes both thoroughly and holistically from series production - no matter at which stage of the value chain we start working. The reason: The product idea, the development and targeted sampling already have an influence on the quality and economic efficiency in series production - and this influence is often underestimated. The interrelation between a sophisticated electronic and mechanical design and coordinated purchasing, manufacturing, testing and logistics concepts is the key to the technically mature and economic production of your product.

Are complex electronic assemblies and modules increasingly crucial to the competitiveness of your products? Is your business subject to special requirements such as explosion protection, UL, IPC Class 3, SIL Level 4? Are you looking for support regarding the CE compliant design of your products? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare a purposeful offer for you.

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