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Medical imaging, especially X-Ray medical examination , is very crucial in every medical setting , at all level of medical caare .

The BIeffe Italia's SLIM LED VIEWERS, as wall version (1,2,3 and 4 panels ) or desk top version (1,2,and 3panels), is the most appropriate answer to the radiologists' persistent requestes to have an advanced device to correct read the X-Ray Films.

 The SLIM LED VIEWER is based on LED TECHNOLOGY, the most advanced nowday, being considered totally obslete the FL; CCFL EEFL technologies.

Many operative and economic advantages derive by using the SLIM LED VIEWERS normally equipped  with FAS (Film Automatic Switching with insertion/disinsertion of X-ray Film) and with DIMMER ( luminance regulation range from 20% to 100%) See detailed information at X-RAY DEVICES AND CATEGORIES