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Karl Kaps GmbH +Co. KG

SIRIUS - first dedicated surgical microscope for spine surgery

Kaps Optik Develops First Dedicated Surgical Microscope for Spine Surgery

Sirius Spine Offers Great Field Depth and Unique Reach

Asslar, Germany. The optics company Karl Kaps GmbH & Co. KG is the first to develop a special surgical microscope for spine surgery. Sirius Spine will be launched on the market in summer 2014.

Stereo base for optimum 3D image even with long working distances

The outstanding feature of the new surgical microscope is its great field depth, which provides a better 3D view even at long working distances. As depth perception decreases at long working distances, the stereo base has been extended to 36 mm, making it unique on the market. This gives surgeons the realistic detailed view they need to perform minimally invasive surgery with ease. The working distance can be adjusted steplessly from 200mm to 525mm.

Large zoom range, adapted spot illumination

Another feature contributing to the imaging brilliance and great field depth is the motorized dual iris diaphragm, which is completely integrated in the body tube. The zoom range of the objective is 1:7, i.e. 17 per cent larger than that of conventional microscopes. The surgeon can vary the magnification continuously from an overview of the whole operating site to the smallest detail. The visual field is also variable from 13 mm to 176 mm.

Sirius Spine has an integrated spot illumination to prevent unnecessary exposure of surrounding tissue. A spot diameter adaption function linked to the zoom adapts the diameter of the illumination to the current magnification setting.

Long reach for high flexibility

The combination of unusually small footprint and long-reach swing arm gives the new surgical microscope a high degree of flexibility and makes it easily adaptable to any room situation. This is particularly important for spine surgery, which is often performed with the patient in a sitting position. Each of the six axes has magnetic brakes for easy positioning, and a balancing system restores the equilibrium of the stand after a position change.

The microscope is operated via a glass panel on the stand. In the interest of clarity, the controls have been reduced to the essential functions. Nine individual user settings can be stored.

CEO Holger Kaps: “A quantum leap”

“The new Sirius Spine signifies a quantum leap: For the first time we are launching a surgical microscope that is dedicated to the requirements of spinal surgery,” says Holger Kaps, CEO of the optics company. “It is the fruit of our many years of experience with surgical microscopes for other applications. The system has already been exhibited at the tradeshows with great success.”

About the company:

Karl Kaps GmbH & Co. KG looks back on a company history spanning over 60 years. Right from the beginning, the company has always put its customers in the focus of its corporate activities. New products are invariably developed in close cooperation with users and made with state-of-the-art computerized machinery. This guarantees that only top-quality products are given the Kaps name. The aim of Karl Kaps is to develop microscopes and rifle scopes that fully satisfy the optical, magnification, illumination and ergonomic needs of its customers